Wine Production Print

At the area of PEZA UNION there are 30.000 sq. m. of vineyards, property of its member-farmers (10.000 wine vineyards P.D.O -V.Q.P.R.D., 8.000 for table wine, 12.000 for raisins and table grapes).  PEZA UNION participates actively at the wines of Crete Network of the Prefecture of Heraklion, which aims at promoting the Cretan Vineyard.

PEZA UNION possesses:  

  • A wine factory with the capacity of processing 20.000 tones of grapes, with tanks and various storage spaces of wine of 25.0000 tones.  
  • Wine bottling factory
  • Laboratory of quality control

The fertile land and the systematic cultivation of the area offer the exceptional varieties of grapes out of which the noble wines are derived that accompany and enhance the tastes of an affluent table.

The investment of PEZA UNION in the field of wine with the credible state-of-the-art technology of the aseptic package Tetra Pak offers the opportunity of producing another innovative product in continuation to the rationale of the standardization of wine in bag-in-box (The Party's Wine). This modern Tetra Pak package protects effectively the wine from external factors that distort its character, such as oxygen, keeping it unimpaired. It is an easy-to-use package for the consumer with a safety top and modern design which is already loved by the Greek consumer.

At present PEZA UNION has deposited an investment program for the modernization of the wine factory and the bottling of wine which would mean the historic renovation of the core of the facilities which date back to 1933.

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